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Breath alcohol simulator is a device that is used to accurately replicate an air sample with strictly controlled alcohol content that simulates human breath. Thanks to the patented solution, Guth Laboratories, Inc. simulators deliver very precise samples of mixture of the air and ethyl alcohol. The calibration equipment of this company has been for years the undisputed leader in the field of breathalyser calibration, recognized and highly valued by many professional laboratories and services worldwide.

We offer a wide range of time-proven solutions for professional services. Having many years of experience, we can help with the selection of appropriate accessories (e.g. pumps, connectors). Dedicated certified alcohol stock solution is necessary to ensure proper calibration process, correct use of which will guarantee the accuracy of the calibration. As the only company in Europe, we provide our customers with professional service and calibration of all Guth Laboratories, Inc. simulators.

Guth 12V500 Duplex

The most advanced alcohol breath test simulator, Guth 12V500 utilizes patented solutions of Guth Laboratories which make it highly accurate and reliable.

Guth 34C

Guth 34C is equipped with fully adjustable solid state controller and heated headspace which results in short warm-up time and high accuracy. 

Guth 2100

Guth 2100 features digital display, RFI protection and extremely short recovery time from test along with heated delivery tube.

Guth 590 Portable

All metal, powder coated portable alcohol breath test simulator with electronic solid state temperature control and 12VDC operation.

Guth 10-4

Simulator utilizes improved mercury-in-glass serialized temperature controller along with rust resistant components.

Guth 10-4D

Second version with the microprocessor controlled solid state sensor and digital LED readout supporting error codes.

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Guth Laboratories, Inc. US Patent Information.

  • Patent No. 4,292,978

    Date: 06.10.1981

    Mouthpiece that filters the air and protects the inlets from solid objects, saliva and excessive water vapours.

  • Patent No. 6,526,802

    Date: 04.05.2003

    Portable breath alcohol simulator utilizing housing with adjacent container for alcohol solution.

  • Patent No. 7,493,793

    Date: 13.03.2008

    Heated thermal mass to heat an inlet passage of simulator for supplying a breath tester with a vapour including ethyl alcohol.

  • Patent No. 7,543,472

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    Calibration procedure that ensures high degree of control over the process and strict monitoring of calibration tests.

  • Patent No. 8,667,829

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    Heated top housing with integrated inlet and outlet ports that allows for uniform heating.

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We perform calibration of all Guth simulators. The calibration process usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the number of devices. During this time we can provide a replacement unit.

Warranty / Post warranty service

All Guth Laboratories devices are subject to warranty and post warranty service. All services are performed in our professional laboratory.

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